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Aluconnect is an ventilation tube for marijuana growing, it is made of aluminium and polyester tube. Buy by the meter or in a 10 meters box with. 4 diameters available.

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Aluconnect tube for Growing Marijuana

Aluconnect is a flexible tube made of aluminum and polyester laminated with steel inner structure in the form of spring that connects, among other things, to extractors in indoor cultivations of Cannabis plants, permiting the exit and entry of the air. It comes in single boxe with a tube of 10 meters long.

Aluconnect has several functions providing an input and/or output of the air: it is ideal for connecting to hoods, mechanical ventilators, extraction vents, etc. It is very easy to install and is very economic besides having a compact manufacture. It includes 2 layers made of polyester and 3 made of aluminum firmly attached in a solid but flexible sheet covering the steel frame.

Available in 4 diameters:

  • 100mm of diameter
  • 125mm of diameter
  • 150mm of diameter
  • 200mm of diameter

Suitable for all types of indoor cultivaions.

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