Cyrcle CBD massage oil with plant extracts and CBD is specially designed to smoothe muscles and joints after physical tasks or training.

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Massage oil with CBD Cyrcle

New Cyrcle Massage Oil 250 mg, a new product based on herbals and CBD extract to relieve pain and give comfort on skin, muscles and also joints.

Cyrcle massage oil is ideal for relaxing muscles after physical tasks or training. To achieve this, a new formulation has been created that combines medicinal herbs with some very effective ingredients, such as CBD, to produce a fine massage oil that has a strong natural therapeutic effect.

According to its manufacturers, Cyrcle it can be used for general daily use to help with muscle pain, fatigue and nervous tension.

Cyrcle certifies that this product has a high concentration of arnica, a sedative muscle relaxant and also a high CBD (cannabidiol) concentration, a medicinal compound based on hemp. CBD is usually found in high levels in hemp, cannabis and other herbal sources, but is sometimes synthesized synthetically. In this case, Cyrcle CBD has a natural origin.

CBD is known to be particularly effective when combined with arnica, which is known to have a powerful calming effect. Other ingredients in the formulation include coconut and mint.

Cyrcle 250 mg CBD massage oil is available in a 125ml bottle.

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