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The Harmony Crystals of CBD are pure CBD crystals (99% purity) obtained from organic hemp grown in the European Union and completely free of GMOs. Each package contains about 500mg of pure CBD that can be used for collecting or to enrich creams with CBD. This product is not intended for human consumption.

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Harmony CBD Crystals

Harmony's pure CBD crystals are a product designed for all those who wish to obtain all the advantages of CBD in its purest form. With a purity level of approximately 99%, each package contains about 500 mg of CBD.

These CBD crystals are presented in a glass container and are ideal for storing as a souvenir or for mixing with dermal application creams and enriching them with CBD.

Harmony CBD crystals are THC-free and therefore have no psychoactive effects. This product is fully tested and certified in the laboratory, so the absence of THC and products of crop diseases (mold, bacteria, fungi, etc.) is guaranteed by these independent tests.

Features of the Harmony CBD Crystals:

Precautions: This CBD product is not suitable for human comsuption, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. In order not to lose the characteristics of the product, it is recommended to keep it in a fresh place, sheltered from light, heat and humidity.

Packages with 500mg of CBD with 99% purity.