PITPUK 125mm

PITPUK 125mm

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The PITPUK filter is an innovative anti-odor system of highly activated virgin carbon CTC80 for indoor cultivation, very light and easy to use.

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Primaklima PITPUK Anti-odor System

PrimaKlima's PITPUK filter, an innovative and easy to use anti-odor system for indoor and greenhouse cultivation, is now available for sale. The PITPUK filter is a unique modular filter system for odor removal with efficient adsorption of odor particles. This is due to the use of highly activated virgin carbon CTC80 within its structure, with 3 mm pellets.

The PITPUK filter has activated carbon cartridges, which are easily interchangeable. The service life can be up to 2 years, depending on air flow, humidity and organic compounds.

The PITPUK filter serves, logically, to eliminate odor in all types of crops, but also serves to clean the air of other pollutants, such as vapors, fumes, chemicals, parasites, pollen, dust and other particles.

The PitPuk Starter Kit Box includes

1x PIT-125mm

1x PUK360-3mm

1x bracket, 8x 20mm

Z2 screws

PitPuk Features

  • Flange: 125mm.
  • Height: 213mm.
  • Width: 367mm.
  • Airflow max.: 240m³/h.
  • Airflow opti.: 160m³/h.
  • Weight: 2.94Kg (3.72Kg Gross Weight).
  • Active carbon: 1Kg

PITPUK 125mm