"Psicoterapia con LSD" from Stanislav Grof is a very interesting book about the psychotherapeutic use of LSD and how its consumption shows a mapping of very different human minds.


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Psychotherapy LSD

"LSD Psychotherapy" from Stanislav Grof is an essential book about the psychotherapeutic use of LSD. The indiscriminate and recreational use of LSD in the 70s led to its prohibition by the government which has forbidden all scientific research about the benefits of LSD in psychotherapy and putting it into oblivion for more than 30 years.

In this way, "Psychotherapy with LSD" was written with the aim of recovering all this forgotten information demonstrating all the pros and cons about the use of LSD in medical and psychological therapy, offering to the reader the results of several controlled studies conducted by Stanislav Grof enabling you to get your own conclusion.

Indeed, such results call into question several accepted data regarding this field resulting in a mapping of very different humans mind far from the commonly accepted mapping from research since it includes experiences such as shamanism, altered states of consciousness or near-death experiences. And all spiced with fantastic illustrations made by the participants in the studies, many of which demonstrate images of archetypes present in the collective unconsciousness.

If you had or have any relationship with LSD, if you dedicate yourself for drug legislation or if you are interested about the human mind, this book is for you.


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