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Nepal Jam Marijuana was created by crossing Nepalese and Jamaican. Resistant to cold and fungi.

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Nepal Jam Regular Marijuana Seeds

Nepal Jam Marijuana is a robust, compact and montainous sativa Marijuana strain with a fast flowering time and great resistance to cold and fungi. Its dense and resinous flowers have a great calyx/leaf ratio and yield a top quality hashish.

This hybrid was created by crossing the Jamaica line to give it more vigor, blue colors and higher yields, with Nepalese to keep its original size. Nepal Jam had to be stabilized for several generation and cultivated in certain climates from northern countries such as England, France and Holland. This 100% sativa strain is a Nepali x Jamaican '85 F6 stabilized. It has a small to moderate size, columnar growth, sweet and caramel aroma with hints of honey.

Features of Nepal Jam Regular Marijuana:

  • Regular
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Flowering: 9 weeks. Late September-early October
  • Power: Medium-high. Powerful and complex cerebral high that will leave you happy and floating for a long period of time.


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