Colombia Punto Rojo is a regular Marijuana strain and one of the most sought strains worldwide. Its magic touch is only available for those whon knows how to grow it properly.


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Colombia Punto Rojo Regular Marijuana Seeds

Colombia Punto Rojo is a regular Marijuana strain that comes from the central part of the country, although it can also be found way to north. The name of this strain is due for its bright red color hairs that develop at the end of the flowering period.

After a long stabilization process, Cannabiogen was able to obtain several seeds of this strain and to offer them to the public.

Colombia Punto Rojo has an extremely long flowering period, so we recommend to grow it only in places with a fine weather. In fatc, the harvest of this strain can only be done in December for the Northern hemisphere and in June for the Southern hemisphere.

The structure of this specimen huge, typical of sativa Marijuanas with large internodal distances. It is flexible, highly branched and develops large leaves.

Due to its wil nature, Cannabiogen was not able to fully stabilize it. In this way, some specimens can be hermaphrodites.

Columbia Punto Rojo provides an euphoric, stimulating and trippy effect, a kind of effect not recommended for first-timers but only for expert tasters.

Features of Colombia Punto Rojo Regular Marijuana:

  • Regular
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Type:
  • Flowering: 16-22 weeks
  • Performance: Medium/High


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