Delta 10 is the new fertilizer from Cannabiogen specially developed for the flowering period of Marijuana plants.

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Delta 10 Fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

Delta 10 is the new fertilizer from Cannabiogen specially developed for the flowering period of Marijuana plants. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivations and can be used in all kinds of media and substrates.

Delta 10 is the ideal travel companion of Delta 9 during the flowering period providing generous amounts of NPK, with a special increment of phosphorus and potassium.

Delta 10 includes several macro and micronutrients and also provides essential amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and biological promoters to significanlty increase the visible production of buds of Marijuana plants.

Besides that, Delta 10 also provides nutrients for the growth period, although its use is more recommendable for the first weeks of the flowering period. For the growth period we recommend the use of Delta 8.

Dosage and Applications of Delta 10:

  • Dilute 4-6ml of Delta 10 per liter of water and use it as a foliar or root application.
  • In foliar spray use it at low doses with no more than 2 applications per week.
  • It is generally recommended to use it in irrigation and not as a foliar spray. Use low doses at the beginning of the flowering period and increase the dose as we get closer to the harvest time.
  • For substrate land use it alternately.

In hydroponics it is advisable to use the maximum dose.

Components of Delta 10:

Amino acids contained in Delta 10:

  • Aspartic acid--------- 0.18% w/w
  • Serine -------------- -0.31% p/p
  • Glicine-------------- 0.21% w/w
  • Arginine ----- ------- 0.23% w/w
  • Tyrosine ------------ 0.04% w/w
  • Methionine ---------- 0.09% w/w
  • Isoleucine ----------- 0.11% w/w
  • Lisine-- ------------- 0.12% w/w
  • Proline ------------- 0.24% w/w
  • Glutamic acid--------0.60% w/w
  • Histidine------------- 0.10% w/w
  • Threonine ------------0.28% w/w
  • Alanine ------------ 0.17% w/w
  • Valine---------------0.29% w/w
  • Fenilalanine --------0.07% w/w
  • Leucine --------------0.13% w/w
  • Hydroxyproline ------ 0.05% w/w

Aminobutyric acid------------ 0.02% w/w

MOT ------------------------ 25%

Main components:

  • Total Nitrogen ---------- 2% pp
  • Organic Nitrogen --------1.1% pp
  • Nitric Nitrogen----------0,21% pp
  • Ammonia nitrogen -------0.69% pp
  • Phosphorus ------------- 12% pp
  • Potassium---------------13.2% pp
  • Amino Acids ------------- 3% pp

Microelements contained in Delta 10:

  • Boron ------------ 273.2 ppm.
  • Cobalt------------351.9 ppm
  • Copper --------- 351.2 ppm
  • Manganese ------ 321.7 ppm
  • Molybdenum -----293.5 ppm
  • Zinc --------------342.6 ppm.
  • Iron ---- ---------244.8 ppm.

Delta 10 also includes the following list of suitable NPK for the flowering period of Marijuana plants:

  • Aminopurines.
  • Polymeric complexes of low molecular weight.
  • Bio-activators translocation.
  • Enzymes
  • Carboxylic acids.
  • Humic and fulvic acids.


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