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Bioboost is a 100% organic fertilizer for Marijuana plants, which boosts natural metabolism resulting in stronger and resilient plants developing larger and tastier buds. A real stimulator for your plants.

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Bioboost for Growing Marijuana

Bioboost is a 100% organic stimulator for Marijuana plants, a fertilizer without any inorganic element added and being suitable for any type of cultivation system. Bioboost is the organic version of CannaBoost, another famous fertilizer from Canna.

Bioboost works more slowly than CannaBoost but provides some outstanding outcomes to organic farmers, especially if combined with other fertilizers from Canna such as Bio Vega and Bio Flores. Bioboost includes oligosaccharides that come from the decomposition of their organic ingredients that mimic the role of enzymes and other regulators of the plant growth thus enhancing its metabolism, something crucial for an abundant flowering.

With Bioboost,the plants produce more fructose, growing healthier are more resistant, being less prone to diseases and pests. The result is a high performance, abundant fructification. The number of bioactive components in Bioboost is enormous.