Canna Mono Magnesium is a magnesium-based booster for Marijuana plants belonging to Canna Mononutrients series. It can be used as a nutritional supplement or as a magnesium corrector.

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Canna Mono Magnesium for Growing Marijuana

Canna Mono Magnesium is a mononutrient magnesium-based booster for Cannabis plants belonging to Canna Mononutrients series comprising important minerals in liquid form that dissolve very easily being therefore quickly absorbed by plants.

Canna Mono Magnesium is recommended a nutritional supplement or to correct magnesium deficiencies that occur by many reasons. Magnesium is an essential element for the photsynthesis process of the plant since is the major component of chlorophyl. Besides that, it also participates in the physiological process of plants and its pigmentation thus being fundamentally important for a healthy development.

Canna Mono Magnesium is stable at all pH levels and can be absorbed directly by the plant or combined with any fertilizer or manure.

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