Terra Vega | Cultivation of Marijuana Capacity 1 Liter


Terra Vega is a professional fertilizer specifically designed for the growth period of your Marijuana plants. It promotes the production of long buds and a solid root system.

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Terra Vega fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

Terra Vega is a professional fertilizerspecifically designed for the growth period of Marijuana plants and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor crops. It is a nutritional component that promotes the development of huge buds and a powerful root, capable to better uptake nutrients thus making the plant thougher and more resistant besides being able of producing more and better buds.

Terra Vega is a product particularly indicated for fertilized soils. However, it can also be used in nutrient-deficient substrates or on previously used lands. It is a fertilizer rich in nitrogen compounds, as well as iron in the form of high performance EDDHA chelates.

You can apply it throughout the life cycle of the plant, by adding 5 ml per liter of water. Once the fertilizer diluted in water, use it in the following 24 hours.

Available in bottles of 1L and 5L.