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Terra Flores is a professional fertilizer specifically developed for the flowering phase of Marijuana plants. With it you get large buds, and optimal resin highly concentrated in THC as well as an outstanding taste.

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Terra Flores fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

Terra Flores is a professional fertilizer specially designed for the flowering phase of Cannabis plants. It is suitable for both in indoor and outdoor crops, mainly for growing in pots and soil.

This nutrient stimulates the formation of buds and contains all the needed nutrients by the plant during the flowering period. During this stage, the demand for nitrogen is significantly reduced while it increases the demand for potassium and phosphate. Terra Flores is rich in these compounds which are presented in directly absorbable form, thus ensuring an excellent and abundant flowering.

All the ingredients are present in compounds of easy and fast absorption to ensure that they reach the plant as soon as possible. This particularity makes the flowers to develop poweful buds with a maximum flavor.

Add 5 ml per liter of water. Once the fertilizer is diluted in water, used it in the next 24 hours. Available in bottles of 1L and 5L.

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