CANNA PK 13 14

CANNA PK 13 14

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PK 13/14 is a highly concentrated flowering stimulator for Marijuana plants, developed from pure compounds of potassium and phosphorus. Perfect to get outstanding flowers.

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PK 13 14 fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

PK 13/14 is a highly concentrated flowering stimulator for Marijuana plants specifically developed to maximally stimulate the production of flowers and buds. It is suitable for any cultivation system, both indoors and outdoors. Besides that, you only have to add it once to the mixture of nutrients.

During the flower and fruiting stage of development plants need high levels of the key elements potassium and phosphorus. Both these elements play a crucial role to promote their flowering stage thus producing beautiful bulbs and petals. Besides that, all other nutrients are essential to trigger the formation of plant stems and petals providing an extra supply leading to bigger and beautiful buds. Moreover, all these ingredients also help to strengthen the plant stems making them stronger and more resistant.

The formula of PK 13/14 includes pure components of two basic macronutrients for the flowering period: phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus is a crucial nutrient for metabolism and energy regulation of the plant and is also responsible for strengthen cell formation in the flowers. Moreover, potassium is a crucial element that develops a great number of functions: it is important for the transport of water and nutrients inside the plant leading to the development of top quality plants besides strenghning them but most importantly, it has a crucial role in sugar production of the plant, reserves that play a crucial role for the development of the flowers.

PK 13/14 contains all these macronutrients in a high concentration level thus facilitating a fast and effective absorption by the plant: about 13% of phosphorus (P) and 14% of potassium (K). If you combine PK 13/14 with CannaBoost at the right time you can have even more generous floral yields as such combination will improve the metabolism of the plant.

Available in 1L bottles.

CANNA PK 13 14