Different types of canisters for camouflage, a very curious device. No more storing jewelry or money under the mattress, with these camouflage canisters, you can keep everything you want and will go completely unnoticed

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Canister for concealment in marijuana paraphernalia

Camouflage canisters are the ideal invention for discreet storage of all valuables. These jars are made in a very original way and are exact copies of the products they intend to reproduce, making it almost impossible to distinguish between the original product and the camouflage jar.

In Experiencia Natural we have several canisters that reproduce different products, you can choose from the drop-down the one that suits you best and adapts to your needs.

The sizes of the bottles can differ and in each one of them can be introduced objects of different sizes. If you want to know the approximate size of each of them you can compare them with the original products, since they are exactly the same.

Characteristics of the concealment canisters

  • Different sizes available
  • Perfectly imitate the original product canister, both in size and weight
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