The dual 600w x2 Fixture Nanolux DE ballast is extremely efficient and gives maximum power to the plants. It is also adjustable and can be configured to suit each of the growing phases.

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Nanolux DE Dual 600w x2 Fixture marijuana ballast

The Dual 600w x2 fixture is one of the latest lighting fixtures available and has gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. This is because the system is able to give you a incredible good amount of light as well as power saving properties.

If you have thought of buying this system you need to understand that the basic reason why this system has become so popular is because it has a lot of advantages. The primary advantage is that the lamps are very efficient when it comes to saving energy and this is the reason why the system is getting so much popularity. The second main advantage is its outstanding power, producing thricomes and huge yields better than other ones.

In order to understand the exact layout of this system you must know that it has 2 different lamps and each of these lamps has its own 2 independent sockets to enhance capabilities and saving properties. Don't wait more and make use of the double-lamp with double-socket system for growing the best quality as well as enjoying energy-saving properties.

The Nanolux Dual 600w x2 fixture allows two separate lamps, 600W each one for a total of 1200W. You can mix the MH and SHP lamps as you like, SHP-SHP for blooming, MH-SHP, or MH-MH for growing. The best way to improve efficiency with this system is always to make sure to buy the compatible 2 socket lamps from Nanolux SHP or MH.

This is a dimmable ballast, so it can work at 300Wx2, 450Wx2, 600Wx2, 630Wx2, saving more cost even during growing.

This ballast is suitable only for double socket SHP and MH lamps.

Nanolux DE Dual 600w x2 Fixture Main Features

HPS & MH Double socket lamps allowed
NCCS ready – DTU and RTU sold separately
Best commercial fixture in its class for light uniformity reflector
Multiple dimming options: 300Wx2, 450Wx2, 600Wx2, 630Wx2
These units include two DE Lamps: 600W 2K HPS & 600W 6K double jacketed MH Lamp
Patented and exclusive ceramic receptacles with no plastic
Compatible with all open luminaires DE Lamps
Slow soft start, open circuit and low voltage protection
3 Year warranty on fixtures and 1 year warranty on lamp

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