BAC Organic Starters is an introductory pack with the best BAC fertilizers at a reduced price, the best option to start with these great high quality organic fertilizers.

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BAC Organic Starters fertilizers pack

The BAC Organic Starters fertilizer pack includes the 6 essential products for organic Cannabis cultivation, covering all the growing and flowering needs.

All marijuana fertilizers from the brand of BAC included in this pack can be used both in outdoor and indoor crops, also suitable for all types of media and / or substrates.

They also have a very high concentration, which makes them last much longer than expected.

BAC Organic Starters by including several products offers a great price reduction, being much more advantageous to buy this kit than the individual products.

Highly concentrated products. Keep in a cool place. More information in the links below.

Products included in BAC Organic Starters from BAC

  • Organic Grow 250ml
  • Organic Bloom 250ml
  • Organic PK Booster 250ml
  • Root Stimulator 30ml
  • Bloom Stimulator 30ml
  • Final Solution 30ml

BAC Organic Grow is an organic fertilizer to give a strong and vigorous vegetative growth.

BAC organic Bloom is an ideal organic fertilizer for explosive flowering.

Organic PK Booster is a flowering supplement to grow buds and resin.

Root Stimulator protects the root system and promotes exuberant root development.

Bloom Stimulator is a bio-stimulator that increases flowering development and protects the plant.

BAC Final Solution is a root system cleaner and waste destroyer.

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