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Goxuak Marijuana from Genehtik Seeds is an automatic strain, the result of crossing several selected strains from the legendary AK-47. Fast bloom, medium power and cerebral effect.

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Autoflowering Goxuak Marijuana Seeds

Goxuak Marijuana from Genehtik Seeds is the feminized and autoflowering offspring of crossing the award-winning and legendary AK-47 with an autoflowering strain.

This is an very productive plant with a medium power giving a sativa effect, cerebral but quite soft along with a very intense sweet and fruity taste..

After the first 2 weeks of vegetative growth, Goxuak becomes a small plant with no more than 40-60cm of height but produces beatiful big central buds full of resin and good outcomes. In about nine weeks in outdoors, or 60-70 days in indoors, it is able to offer 50 grams per plant, approximately.

Main features of Goxuak Marijuana:

  • Feminized Auto
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: autoflowering
  • Genetics: AK-47 x autoflowering strain
  • THC: medium
  • CBD unknown
  • Flowering: 60-70 days (indoor) or 9 weeks (outdoor - northern hemisphere)