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Atami Soil Booster fertilizer is the perfect substrate enhancer for growing marijuana. Its formula, based on beneficial bacteria and essential micronutrients, will provide to the soil, roots and plants with everything they need to grow in a healthy and explosive way.

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Soil Booster Universal Substrate Stimulator

Soil Booster is a product for Cannabis plants designed to enhance and strengthen the substrate of your marijuana plants. It is a product of Atami, one of the most reputated substrates and fertilizers producers, a company of Dutch origin with a lot of tradition and with excellent quality products lines. Soil Booster is part of the B'cuzz product range, one of the most demanded by consumers.

Atami B'cuzz Soil Booster is the perfect substrate enhancer for growing marijuana. Its formula, based on beneficial bacteria and essential micronutrients will provide the crop's roots and plants with everything they need to grow in a healthier and extensive way.

Soil Booster will take care of enriching the substrate with beneficial bacteria life to marijuana plants. These bacteria will colonize the root system of your plants and live in symbiosis with to help to develop better, healthier roots, which will promote a healthy and vigorous life cycle for your plants.

Besides to the beneficial bacterial life for Cannabis, the Soil Booster formula also contains essential micro-nutrients for Cannabis. This will allow the plant to a better nutrients and enzymes uptake, needed to break down food during the growth and flowering stage, resulting in a sugar-rich, large and delicious tasting crop.

These are not the only benefits you can find in Soil Booster fertilizer. This rich product will also bring a lot of stability to your crop, achieving a wonderful biological balance between the beneficial bacteria, the roots and the cannabis plant. Creating a perfect and friendly environment for hassle free growing and blooming phases. You know that a happy plants perform better and Soil Booster promotes happiness.

The origin of Soil Booster cannabis beneficial micro life comes from the sea. Organic fish and algae residues are the best additives you can add to your substrate booster. Furthermore, Soil Booster also incorporate other interesting elements for your plants, as it provides chelated mninerals, which will fight against the nutrients deficiencies during the plant's whole life.

In short, Soil Booster is the best marijuana substrate enhancer complement. In addition to enriching it, it promotes root growth and its formula with minerals fights nutritional deficiencies.

Soil Booster Universal Dosage

During the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th week of cultivation: dilute 5 to 1 ml of Soil Booster for every litre of irrigation water and apply during this time.

Use during the growing phase until the first 2 weeks of flowering.

Soil Booster fertilizer Composition

21,16 % of Magnesium
15,06 % of Nitrogen
0,70 % Calcium
0,35 % Phosphorus
0,31 % of Sodium
0,18 % of Iron
0,006 % of Manganese
0,003 % Boron
0,001 % Zinc

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