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Sale of Dutchberry marijuana seeds arriving straight from the Artizen seedbank. The best American strains with a unique sweet and fruity taste you don't want to miss. Buy now with free shipping and gift.

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Dutchberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Directly from the US comes to you the Dutchberry feminized marijuana seeds, an Artizen seedbank creation. To obtain this delicacy the bank has joined the famous breeder Dj Short, who is the Blueberry creator, and crossed its original line with Dutch Treat to obtain a delicious and unique flavor new genetics.

How is Dutchberry structure?

Dutchberry is a plant that can reach a medium height and has a medium internodal distance. It combines compact buds with long vigorous tails.

Flowering of this variety takes about 65-70 days indoors, while outdoors harvesting will be about two weeks after the end of summer.

Growing Dutchberry is very easy and it is recommended to use organic fertilizers, which will allow a higher quality buds mainly because will change less the original flavor of this strain.

How much yield does Dutchberry produce?

Dutchberry plants, when are well cared, offers exceptional quality high yields. Outdoors, with a mother earth cultivation and good sun exposure, it offers more than 600 grams per plant while indoors, with 600w HPS lights, it can reach 550 grams per square meter.

What effect does Dutchberry produce?

By consuming this genetics it is possible to find clearly sativa effects, mainly because or its heritage, wich is expressed at the highest level in this strain. For that reason, this it is a strain that offers a high power and a positive and uplifting effect, where sometimes even euphoric laugh will happen.

How does Dutchberry taste?

One of the highlights of this incredible strain is its delicious taste and aroma, specially the fruity flavor takes all the limelight. More specifically as the name says for itself, this is a plant with an intense flavor of berries, raspberry and orange with a background of wood and pistachio.

Winner of the Dope Cup in 2016, awarded by the famous Dope magazine.

Main features of Dutchberry Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: 60% Sativa
  • Genetics: Dj Short Blueberry x Dutch Treat
  • THC: High THC
  • CBD: Undeclared
  • Indoor yield: Up to 550 gr/m2
  • Outdoor yield: Up to 600 grams per plant
  • Flowering: 9-10 weeks indoor, outdoors: harvest two weeks after the day that ends the summer.
  • Height: Average