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Auto Black Diesel is an automatic Marijuana strain that stands out for its festival of citric flavors and its impressive buds.

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Auto Black Diesel Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto Black Diesel is an automatic Marijuana strain from Advanced Seeds that stands out for its breathtaking buds and its intense aroma of mandarin spiced with hints of lemon and grapefruit. A real festival for the senses.

The plant is able to reach moderate heights ranging from 70-90cm in a growing room and from 90 - 150cm in the garden, developing a very prominent central bud that exists from the base of the plant to the cup, being surrounded by secondary branches capable of producing super fragrant and Jupiter-sized buds.

After only 70-80 days in a growing room or from April to November in the garden you will be able to collect generous productions ranging from 350 and 400g/m2.

Its delicious aroma and flavor of tangerine and citrus will leave in your mouth a refreshing wake, which is ideal to enjoy the intense power of Auto Black Diesel, characterized by providing a relaxing and pleasant effect due to its 17% of THC concentration.

Features of Auto Black Diesel Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: Autoflowering
  • Genetics: Auto Diesel Black
  • THC: 17% CBD: not stated
  • Flowering: 70-80 days (indoor ) or between April and November (outdoor - northern hemisphere)
  • Height: 70-90cm (inside) and 90-150cm (outdoor)
  • Yield: 350-400g per m2