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Piranha is a root enhancer for indoor and outdoor plants by advanced Nutrients, it includes 24 types of beneficial fungus that increase the root mass and prevent the rot. This action results in a higher amount of flowers needing less care. 

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Piranha for Growing indoor and outdoor

Piranha by advanced Nutrients is a root booster for indoor and outdoor plants including 24 types of beneficial fungus as well as beneficial bacteria existing on Voodoo Juice that provide many benefits to the roots and therefore to the whole plant.

Piranha includes 16 strains of ectomycorrizae - that are able to dissolve and uptake nutrients and water but also to keep pathogens away thus reinforcing the soil. In fact, Piranha is able to increase up to 700% the mass of the root and also includes 8 varieties of trichodermia that are responsible to increase the mass of the roots and to prevent the rot.

This action results in plants that can better absorb nutrients and in plants that have a stronger resistance to diseases and adverse climate conditions. In this way they are able to bloom better and to require less care.

This product is 100% organic and is suitable for all kinds of crops, including organic, hydroponic and soil cultivation methods. In order to potentiate the action of Piranha we recommend to combine it with Voodoo Juice and Tarantula, other two root boosters that also include beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, respectively.

From Advanced Nutrients.