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The new organic fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients is the Bud Candy Organic. This is the 100% bio version of the traditional Bud Candy, it has a new ecological formula that improves the plants' flavour, as well as improves the performance.


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Bud Candy Organic Fertilizer

Bud Candy Organic is a fully natural fertilizer for the flowering phase. Its formula is designed to feed plants with top quality organic carbohydrates, to enhance flavour and yield. Compared to other chemical based products, Bud Candy Organic will respect the natural organoleptic properties of the plants.

Bud Candy Organic provides the right amount of carbohydrates needed for optimum development, as is the case with people, and is often neglected by some growers, who do not appreciate the importance of this factor. With the use of Bud Candy Organic, all the energy needed will be fulfilled.

Bud Candy Organic is the perfect mate to the basic flowering fertilizer, providing the plants with essential trace elements, extracts and sugars. The resin production will be increased and the final aroma will be mproved. In the same way, this product encourages the appearance of micro-organisms that can help break down the organic matter present in the soil, providing the plants with even more energy and food.

What can you expect after using Bud Candy organic? A considerable increase in the flower's production and size its size. You can also expect an improvement in the plants' organoleptic properties, which will not be affected by mineral substances that impair the aroma. Finally, by favouring the appearance of beneficial microbes in the substrate, the plant's root system will also be strengthened and will have much more energy and health.

As with the other fertilizer products in the Advanced Nutrients Organic range, Bud Candy Organic has an IOM certificate. This means that it is endorsed by the Organic Input Material Program seal, which is dedicated to evaluating organic products introduced to the market to guarantee their natural origin. For all these reasons, Bud Candy is one of the best organic flowering fertilizers available on the market.

Dosage and mode of use of Bud Candy Organic

Bud Candy Organic is recommended to be applied from the first week until the sixth week of the flowering stage.

When applied to the irrigation water, the optimum ratio is 2 ml of Bud Candy Organic per litre of water.

This product can also be used from the first weeks of growth in doses of less than 2 ml per litre of water.

Bud Candy Organic can be used through foliar fertilization. Always from the first four weeks of flowering and with the proportion of 2 ml per litre of water.

Bud Candy Organic Composition

Potassium (K20)

Trace elements

Organic acids

Citric acid

Ascorbic acid

Polyphenolic compounds


Sugar cane juice

Candy molasses

Amino acids