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The Sensizym Organic fertilizer by Advanced Nutrients is the best ally for plant roots and health. It is an enzyme-based product, which breaks down the organic matter present in the soil, cleaning and reconverting salts to serve as food for the roots again.


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Sensizym Organic Fertilizer

Sensizym Organic is a 100% bio product by Advanced Nutrients that promotes a healthy root development and cleans salts that can settle in the substrate. A healthy root system is the perfect basis for healthy, strong and resistant plants. Sensizym Organic will provide full strength to the roots' immune system, resulting in larger and better harvests.

Sensizym Organic by Advanced Nutrients works very simply. The enzymes present in its formula track and identify the organic matter present in the substrate. After that, the enzymes speed up the organic matter and salts decomposition process, so that it is converted into energy absorbed by the roots. Applying Sensizym Organic is a great way to improve the use of the resources present in the crop's soil and increase the amount of nutrition the plants receive.

The enriched soil obtained as a result of using Sensizym Organic reproduces the most fertile conditions needed by cannabis plants. Flowering is the stage when the plants focus all their efforts on producing flowers and more salts can be generated. This extra effort means that plants need sources of energy and nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus, which we can finally be optimized by applying Sensizym Organic.

One of the advantages of Sensizym Organic over other products in its category is that it can be used in all types of growing medium. Therefore, there are no contraindications when using Sensizym Organic in soil cultivation, hydroponics, aeroponics, rock wool... Its formula is designed to be adapted to the user's preferred growing medium. 

Sensizym can be used with the entire range of Advanced Nutrients fertilizer products. The use of Sensizym Organic with the Advanced Nutrients product range will bring improvements never imagined.

Finally, Sensizym Organic is a fully organic product and compatible with all types of organic farming techniques. This means that it is an IOM certified product, this organic seal guarantees that Sensizym Organic is made by a formula of natural origin enzymes.

Dosage and how to use Sensizym Organic

Sensizym Organic is recommended to be applied during the flowering phase, but it can be used at any time if you think thta salts are blocking the roots.

The optimum ratio is 2 ml of Sensizym Organic per 1 litre of water.

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