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Big Bud Coco is a more suitable flowering booster for coconut crops. Designed to maximize results, Big Bud Coco transforms marijuana plants and enhances the volume, weight and aroma of the buds.

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Big Bud Coco for Growing Marijuana

Big Bud Coco is a Cannabis fertilizer designed by Advanced Nutrients to maximize the flowering potential of marijuana plants cultivated in coco. For this reason it acts as a flowering booster and increases up to 27% the yield of coconut-growned plants, in addition to improving other aspects such as the amount of resin, aroma and volume of buds that are produced.

In Coconut crops the contribution of amino acids for a correct flowering is essential and is exactly what Advanced Nutrients aims to do with Big Bud Coco. Plants grown in this environment do not have the same needs as those grown in hydro or soil and for this reason this brand needed to correct the Big Bud to suit coconut fiber crops.

The formula of Big Bud Coco contains, in addition to the appropriate doses of potassium and phosphorus for the flowering of the plant, another 20 L-amino acids very important for the plant to reach its maximum potential during flowering.

Big Bud Coco can be used as a single fertilizer and is applied from the 2nd to the 4th week of flowering. However, Advanced Nutrients recommends its application in conjunction with other fertilizers of the brand, such as Bud Blood, Overdrive, Bud Candy or Bud Ignitor for best results.

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