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Sensizym is a superconcentrated nutritional product for Marijuana plants containing over 80 different enzymes that speeds up the plant growth and reinforces its roots. Triple concentrated than other products.

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Sensizym for Growing Marijuana

Sensizym is a superconcentrated nutritional product for Marijuana plants containing over 80 different enzymes. It has 3 times more enzymes than similar nutritional products.

This range of enzymes included in the formula of Sensizym have a specific role: some help to speed up the regulatory process within the plant; others help to catalyze water and assist the transfer of water elements to specific sites and others, to break down dead root mass, starches, carbohydrates and nutrients.

In general, by breaking down dead roots and other plant nutrients rendered useless by the enzymes are converted into predigested food that the plant can uptake. Simultaneously, they clean the roots of the plant so they can better absorb the available nutrients.

With all this they can speed up the plant growth, and thanks to these enzymes the plants can perform functions that usually cost you days or weeks in only a few seconds or minutes.

Sensizym includes exactly the type of enzymes that has proven to have beneficial effects on the ground and work together in the best way: proteases, hydrolases, glucanases, cellulases and chitinases.

Product 100% organic. Sensizym should be stored in the refrigerator once opened.

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