No Shock is a stabilizer for hydroponic Marijuana plants especially created to stabilize plants that have undergone transplants and cuttings.

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No Shock for Growing Marijuana

No Shock is a stabilizer for hydroponic Marijuana plants. This fertilizer was especially developed to provide the essential nutrients to transplanted plants, as well as clones, cuttings and in general, to any plant that has suffered a method of growing somewhat severe.

No Shock significantly improves the success rate of transplantations and clonings, offering to any kind of grower professional outcomes. Not Shock incorporates a specific formulation which contributes for a correct plant rooting and therefore to a better nutrient uptake, while meeting the special needs of these plants by providing essential elements like nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, phosphorus and vitamin B1.

All of this makes the plants to grow more vigorously and to be more productive. In this way, the operation has a much better chance of success since the plant better absorbs and transports nutrients thus improving their own cellular metabolism.

Main features of No Shock:

  • To what use: to stabilize clones, embeddedness, seedlings and transplants
  • Benefits:
  1. Enhances the survival rate of transplanted and cloned plants
  2. Improves the plant growth and increases the productivity
  3. Optimized formulation for better outcomes
  • When to use: when moving your plant to another site or when traslading your plants from small to large pots

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