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Connoisseur Bloom A + B by advanced Nutrients is a top quality fertilizer designed for the flowering period of indoor and outdoor plants in all types of substrates, including hydroponic systems. It comes divided in 2 parts with a formula containing several nutrients that keeps the pH level of the tank automatically. Especially recommended for experts and professional growers.

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Connoisseur Bloom A + B by Advanced Nutrients

Connoisseur Bloom A + B is a top quality fertilizer designed by advanced Nutrients specifically to boost flowering in soil, coco or hydroponic systems, being especially recommended for professional and expert growers looking for high performant crops.

Connoisseur Grow A + B comes divided in 2 parts and due to its top quality nutrients, it allows the plants to reach their maximum flowering peak thus producing larger and denser buds, and abundant resin and essential oils harbouring an amazing perfume and flavour. Consequently, the market value of your crops will be significantly higher surpassing greatly the money invested in this fertilizer.

The formula of Connoisseur A + B has two main roles: by having an advanced technology called pH Perfect it automatically regulates the pH of the deposit allowing you to save much time. Besides that, its high nutritional level content like organic surfactants, humic acids, fulvates, humus and L-amino acids, provides a boost of energy to your plants and therefore, an outstanding production capacity thus leading to an incredible development of flower clusters and buds.

Use Connoisseur A + B directly in the deposits one week after the beginning of the flowering period. Apply an initial dose of 2 ml per litre of Part A and 2ml per litre of Part B.

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