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G13 Haze is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain. It provides a strong and cerebral high leading to a state of euphoria and well-being. High yielder but difficult to grow, this strain is only for exper growers.


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Feminized G13 Haze Marijuana Seeds

G13 Haze from Barney's Farm is the result of a remarkable crossing between the legendary Marijuana G13 with a sativa Cannabis plant from Hawaii.

Since the G13 plant is not easy to grow it is only recommended for expert growers. This plant grow over a meter high acquiring a sativa aspect, quite leafy and with a high number of solid and long side branches.

This strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor crops. In any case, bear in mind that G13 Haze needs enough space to develop its full potential. It can be grown using intensive cultivation methods such as Screen of Green or ScrOG. You can get better results by pruning the central stem of applying the Supercropping technique.

G13 is also a delicate strain since it quite sensitive to the excesses or shortages of fertilizers. Nevertheless, it is resistant to mildew and fungus and tolerates fairly well temperature fluctuations.

In a growing room and with optimal growing conditions, G13 Haze is able to offer you 500 grams of buds per square meter. This great productivity makes it an ideal choice for commercial growers. The buds produced are large and compact growing all along the side branches and in large amounts, thus being recommendable to give it some kind of support like bamboo sticks or nets. These buds when dried become hard and compact.

This Marijuana strain stands out for its power due its high content of THC of 21%. Such characteristic makes it perfect for some purposes.Besides that, it provides a cerebral and durable effect producing a sensation of euphoria and happyness. It also relax greatly and stimulates the laugh and the thoughts. It has a very peculiar aroma of coffee, tangerines and flowers with spicy and earthy tones.

G13 Haze won the first prize for the best marijuana strain on the 2006 and 2007 High Times Marijuana Cup.

Features of G13 Haze Marijuana:

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: undeclared percentages but with a sativa dominance

THC: 21% CBD: 0.7%

Genetics: G13 x Hawaiian

Flowering: 70 to 80 days

Yield: mid to late October