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Violator Kush is a feminized indica dominant Marijuana strain. The plant is small and very esay to grow but producing big and fat buds. The effect is potent, relaxing and long-lasting.


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Feminized Violator Kush Marijuana Seeds

Violator Kush was created by Barney's Farm by crossing an an Indian Kush with a Malana. This cross has resulted in a small but very potent plant. With an indica dominance, this specimen is quite small not usually exceeding 70 or 80 high thus being a great choice for reduced cultivation areas or for intensive cultivation methods like Sea of ​​Green (SOG).

Violator Kush is an ideal choice for beginner growers since it is very easy to grow not demanding much care. It only requires enough fertilizer. Besides that, it is resistant to some diseases, mold and mildew. In order to potentiate the crop you can do an apical prunning. However, we do not recommend appliying the Supercropping technique.

Violator Kush has a fast flowering period and in only 8 to 9 weeks the crop will be ready to be harvested and manicured. In the inside this specimend will produce on average, 450g per square meter under optimal environmental conditions being a great choice for commercial growers. On outdoors, you can collect it between mid and late September in the northern hemisphere.

Violator Kush is capable of producing lots of buds so upon the flowering period we will need to give some kind of supports to the branches. You can use the meshes that are generally used in Screen of Green (ScrOG). The buds are very big and when dried they become compact and rather hard.

This Cannabis strain has a very high level of THC and CBD (22% and 1.5%, respectively).

Violator Kush is a great option to relax at night after a long day of work providing a mixture of relaxation and joy. It stimulates the and the conversation. The effect, besides being pleasant and powerful is durable.

As for the flavor and aroma, Violator Kush smells like moist soil mixed with some sweet and acre touches.

Features of Violator Kush Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype 100% índica

THC: 22% CBD: 1.5%

Genetics: Malana x Hindu kush

Flowering: 55 to 60 days

Crop: mid to late September