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8 Ball Kush Marijuana is a descendant of the best Marijuana strains from Pakistan and Afghanistan. It grows particularly well under adverse conditions besides being high yielder, potent and very aromatic.


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Feminized 8 Ball Kush Marijuana Seeds

8 Ball Kush is a genetics from an area between Pakistan and Afganistan produces one of the best hashish in the world. It is a selection of the best local strains of that geographic area, stabilized and crossed with each other until finding a plant with indica structure.

In fact, they manged to stabilize a strain very easy to grow and super resistant to adverse conditions. Therefore, 8 Ball Kush is perfect for beginner growers. For many years, the seed bank Barney's Farm have tried to backcross varieties of this part of the world.

This strain is very simple to cultivate since it does not demand too much fertilizer and tolerating fairly well the excesses or shortages of fertilizers. Besides that, it is highly resistant to fungus and mold.

Regarding its structural features, 8 Ball Kush is very suitable for small growing areas. Indeed, it develops a compact structure, small and robust, not usually exceeding half meter or 65 cm, although sometimes it can reach heights of up to 1.20 meters. You can maximize its yields using intensive cultivation systems like Sea of ​​Green (SOG) or also, Screen of Green (ScrOG ). 8 Ball Kush does not need too much space to thrive well so you can put several pots close to each other in order to maximize your cultivation space.

8 Ball Kush is high yielder: in a growing room and in optimal environmental conditions it is capable of producing 450g per square meter. Its main stem and side branches are covered with dense buds adorned with ocher pistils. During the flowering period we recommend to give some kind of support, like nets or sticks as the weight of the buds can damage the entire plant.

Its aroma combines the classic flavors of Kush strains with earthy and moss undertones, accompanied by intense, spicy and exotic hashish flavors.

Features of 8 Ball Kush Marijuana:

Genotype: Indica

Genetics: Afghanistan x Pakistan

THC: 18.5% - CBD 1.4%

Flowering: 50 to 55 days

Crop: mid or late September

Indoor Production: 450 g/m2