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In this section of marijuana paraphernalia we have numerous objects created to improve your smoke. We emphasize the vaporizers since they allow the absorption of the active principles of marijuana in a totally safe and natural manner and without damaging you organism. Marijuana vaporizers are also strongly recommend for medicinal purposes.

Here you can also find pipes, bongs, paper from recognised cannabis brands as well as accessories for resin extraction and many more products.


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MyCBD CBD cream is a body ointment intended for topical application and comes with 250mg of CBD. Ideal for local application to relieve pain and moisturize irritated areas.

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The Silicone Bong of paraphernalia of the marijuana is a very resistant bong and of high quality. It consists of 2 parts that can be separated to introduce ice inside and thus cool the smoke, giving a much more pleasant feeling to the puff.

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Harmony Pen refills are the only cartridges compatible with the Harmony CBD Pen, an economical, lightweight, easy-to-use electronic cigarette. With no nicotine and about 100mg of CBD per cartridge, the Harmony Pen refills offer up to 400 puffs per unit.

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The Harmony Crystals of CBD are pure CBD crystals (99% purity) obtained from organic hemp grown in the European Union and completely free of GMOs. Each package contains about 500mg of pure CBD that can be used for collecting or to enrich creams with CBD. This product is not intended for human consumption.

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The Harmony CBD Pen is a new brand vaporizer that only works with their vaporization cartridges (must be purchased separately). It is an economical solution for CBD lovers who want to consume it vaporized and it's offered in two different flavors. Each cartridge allows up to 400 puffs, contains 100mg of CBD and does not contain nicotine.

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CBD Hemp buds are obtained from the organic cultivation of high quality hemp with THC values lower than 0.2%, which allows its sale and consumption in a completely legal way for collecting and technical purposes. Available in different packets and with different aromas so that they can be enjoyed at any time or place.

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Cali Terpenes is a product that has made exclusively from 100% natural concentrated terpenes, which are extracted in a sustainable way and are completely free of pesticides, heavy metals or other impurities. Ideal for mixing with extractions or other oils and for steaming or cooking with them. 1ml is enough to mix with 25ml of resin.

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The Colibri Gas is a premium butane gas without impurities that can be used to BHO extractions, recharge lighters or recharge the Iolite and Wispr vaporizers.

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The Kleaner Urea is an groundbreaking product from the Kleaner brand designed to cope  urine controls and pass them without any problem. Unlike other products on the market, this product is not a cleaner but a substitute.

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The PAX 3 conduction vaporizer is a high quality vaporizer, easy to transport and with a heating time of just 15 seconds. In addition, it comes with a 10 year warranty!

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CBD Oil from Sensi Seeds contains 300mg of Cannabinol that can be used as a dietary supplement.

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Sensi Seeds CBD Oil capsules are a new format for Sensi Seeds' well-known CBD oil. A new way to take CBD in a healthy way, more convenient and avoiding the bitterness characteristic of hemp oils.

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The Cork Pipe is a very economical pipe made with a cork combustion chamber. That's why it maintains a natural flavor and will resist for a long time.

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The necklace pipe is a small, all-metal pipe. It consists of 3 parts and has the appearance of a hang so you can take it everywhere without everybody get notice.

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The Skeleton pipe is a compact, easy-to-use, small size pipe with side grilles to help cool smoke. Available in different colours.

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