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Few manufacturers can afford to offer such high quality standards at such cheap prices. We have your catalog of autoflowering varieties, access the Autoflowering Big Buddha Seeds.

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Big Buddha Seeds seedbank

Big Buddha Seeds is a seedbank specialized in autoflowering strains that it was created in the UK by the hand of Milo Yung. This breeder began to work with Cannabis breeding early and became one of the first experts on indoor growing. His goal was to seek new combinations of genetics that could offer the world new flavors that nobody had never tried.

In one of his experiments the result was a unique taste that no one had ever tasted before: that moment the famous Cheese was created. It was named Big Buddha Cheese and this was also the beginning of Big Buddha Seeds.

Because of its originality and taste, this strain is still one of the most valuable genetics of this seedbank. Big Buddha Cheese has an unique and unforgettable taste of aged cheese. Winner of the High Times Canabis Cup for the best Indica in 2006, is the strain you can not miss.

With later crosses and experiments with this strain, Milo Yung was able to create another flavor wonder. That's how the Blue Cheese Automatic was born, winner of the Hydro category in the 2013 Spannabis that impacts by the mixture of flavors between cheese with a touch of blueberries and fruits of the forest.

If you want to try unique flavors and original genetic autoflowering version, Big Buddha Seeds is your seedbank!