List of products by Seedbank World of Seeds

The World of Seeds seed bank has genetics from different parts of the world. All of them properly stabilised and with exclusive genetic lineage. In Experiencia Natural it is possible to acquire the best feminised and autoflowering strains from this seed bank. 

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World of Seeds seed bank

It is now possible to purchase the best varieties from the World of Seeds seed bank, a manufacturer with an excellent reputation due to the quality and variety of its autoflowering and feminized strains. It is a bank that generates excellent opinions from its users, which testifies to the good work carried out by its team before introducing a new strain on the market.

Characteristics of World of Seeds

The World of Seeds bank anticipates everything with its name. The catalogue of this manufacturer is a whole world of seeds for strain collectors. One of the characteristics that best defines the work of this manufacturer is the incessant search for new genetics in remote places of the planet.

The result of this work is a high quality seed cellar of varied origin. Seeds of special exotic genetics from Brazil, Kilimanjaro, Hindu Kush, Afghanistan, Pakistan or America are available. This testifies to the excellent variety selection, breeding and stabilization work carried out by the World of Seeds team. 

World of Seeds does not limit itself to the production of seeds of varied origins and excellent quality. They also aim to provide society with a rational way of thinking about the use of seeds. To this end, they rely on scientific research, which is the only one capable of determining the possible uses of Cannabis for different purposes. 

In the World of Seeds catalogue there is room for all kinds of strains and genetics. It is possible to find Sativa strains from tropical areas close to the equator, as well as Indica strains from mountainous areas of the world. There are also strains with active cannabinoids such as THC, and strains rich in CBD; short flowering, high yields... There is a World of Seeds seed for every enthusiast.

Best World of Seeds strains

It's time to highlight some World of Seeds strains. This seed bank began with a line of feminized strains and soon after began its journey with autoflowering strains. Within its extensive catalogue we can highlight the following seeds.

Afghan kush is one of the varieties with the best genetic lineage of this seed bank. This variety can be found in the valleys of the Armu Darya River, the border between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in a completely natural way. The World of Seeds breeders selected the best specimens and stabilized them in order to produce the best possible version of this strain.

Other feminized seeds that stand out in the World of Seeds catalogue are Yumbolt 47. This is a variety that comes from a cross between very different varieties, such as AK 47 and a Yumboldt, giving rise to a strain with hybrid characteristics and Sativa dominance.

Among the autoflowering varieties of this seed bank, Afghan Kush Ryder is another variety with Afghan origins that stands out in the catalogue of World of Seeds. It is a Kush variety, 100% Indica, which reflects the characteristics of this subgenus of Cannabis with a very fast life cycle.

Wild Thailand Ryder seeds, on the other hand, are a journey into the unique genetics of Thailand. To obtain this strain, the breeders of this manufacturer combined a Ko Chang, a Thai variety with very active cannabinoids and sativa traits with an excellent Ruderalis specimen.

The best seeds from World of Seeds are available at Experiencia Natural, where they can be purchased with free shipping & gift*.