Humboldt Seeds

Humboldt Seeds seed bank comes from California in the 1960s, right in the county that names this Cannabis breeders group.

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Humboldt Seeds Bank

The Humboldt Seeds Bank wants to export the values of the community of the same name in USA, such as comradeship, respect for nature and human beings, so the seeds of Humboldt are 100% organic. In fact, these organic agricultural lands of Northern California are a living part of the history of Cannabis, forming one of the oldest marijuana lovers communities known.

Within the catalogue of the Humboldt Seeds seedbank you can find some of the highest quality strains of recent times, highlighting strains with very high THC levels as well as high yield strains. Some of the most acclaimed Humboldt strains are.

Blue Dream is mainly a Sativa strain, but compact and fast, with very important organoleptic and medicinal properties. In addition, as its name indicates, it offers bright blue colours during the flowering period.

The Lemonkush Headband strain is one of the most productive and powerful Cannabis strains ever created, its fame is already known and recognized throughout the world. This genetic with its mixture of citrus and earthy aromas makes it one of the jewels that every collector likes to have.

Although the Amherst Sour Diesel is the one that takes the palm when we talk about raw power, this strain from the Humboldt seedbank leaves everyone surprised, it is capable of producing up to 27% of THC. In addition, it is one of the most productive strains of this bank.

There are many other jewels in Humboldt Seeds seedbank, you can discover them by entering each of our detailed products and remember that we offer to you free shipping and seed gift for every 30€ for your purchases.