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Discover the indoor growing kit 600w Cultibox 100. Ideal to start from scratch with anti-odour filter and quality components.

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This pack contains


Cultibox 100 600W Indoor Grow Kit

New grow box offer with all the components you need to start growing, save 50€ on your purchase!

This product contains:

  • 1 Reflector Son t Aluminium Stuco
  • 1 Safety thermometer
  • 1 Extractor fan Vents TT 125 220/280 m³/h (125mm)
  • 1 Odorsok 125/300 Filter (475 M3)
  • 1 CultiBox Silver cabinet 120x120x200 cm
  • 1 PH test kit
  • 12 Black Square Pot - All Sizes 5.5 Litres
  • 1 Xtrasun Light HPS Mixed 600W
  • 1 Ballast 600W
  • 1 Aluminium Tube 2m 125mm
  • 1 Try Indoor fertiliser pack

Indoor 600W Cultibox 120 Kit

Aluminium Stuco Reflector

Constructed with stuco aluminium, this top-notch reflector ensures the best light reflection. Its design promotes uniform light distribution, enhancing efficiency and fostering the growth of healthy plants.

Digital Thermohygrometer

This thermo-hygrometer is a vital instrument for tracking both humidity and temperature in the growth area. Its precise readings and user-friendly interface assist in keeping the perfect conditions for your plants' growth.

Vents TT 125 220/280 m³/h (125mm)

This efficient and quiet air extractor guarantees continuous airflow, removing stagnant air and managing temperature. Its 220/280 m³/h capacity is excellent for keeping a well-oxygenated and fresh environment.

Odorsok 125/300 Filter

Engineered to remove undesired smells, the Odorsok filter employs cutting-edge technology to cleanse the air, ensuring a pleasing atmosphere. With 475 M3 capacity, it's an effective solution for odour control.

CultiBox 120x120x200 cm

The CultiBox enclosure provides a secure and regulated 100x100x200 cm growing space. Its sturdy build and reflective interior create the ideal environment for your plants throughout their growth cycle.

GH Drops PH Test Kit

This essential PH test kit allows you to gauge and adjust your nutrient solution's pH level. A few drops ensure that your plants receive nutrients in the proper balance.

Black Square Pot 5.5 Litres

This 5.5-litre black square pot is both adaptable and resilient. Its design promotes healthy root development and efficient drainage, suitable for various cultivation stages.

HPS mixed 600W

The HPS mixed 600W bulb provides comprehensive spectrum lighting, perfect for all plant growth phases. Its technology delivers intense, effective illumination, encouraging robust growth.

600W Ballast

This 600W ballast, a crucial part, controls the bulb's electric flow. It guarantees a steady start and ongoing performance, extending the bulb's lifespan and enhancing energy efficiency.

Aluminium Tube 2m 125mm

This 2m 125mm aluminium tube is designed for effective ventilation and air removal. Its robust and flexible construction ensures easy setup and consistent airflow throughout the entire growing system.

Try Indoor fertilizer pack

3 bottles of 100% organic fertilizer from the prestigious brand Biobizz. A bottle of growth, a bottle of flowering and another as a stimulator.

The 600W lighting kit ensures ample production per square metre. The TT extractor, both quiet and potent, is perfect for the anti-odour filter. Feminized seeds for your initial grow are included. Select your strain from the dropdown above and seize this opportunity!