X Max Pro V3


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The X vape Avant Vaporizer is manufactured by X-Vape and is their best value for money model. This is a great value for money portable vaporizer with a temperature regulator, magnetic zirconia mouthpiece and a large ceramic firing chamber.

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X Max Pro V3 Portable Vaporizer

The X Max Pro V3 herbal vaporizer is a portable vaporizer from the X Vape brand. It is designed to be very portable and discreet. Thanks to its slim design it is perfect if you are on the go a lot or just looking for something easy to handle, plus it fits nicely in a pocket.

It includes a second bowl for using concentrates such as wax and oil. This is one of the most sought after features and this model has it. The X Max Pro allows you to use herbs, extracts and resins.

With the X Max Pro V3 Vaporizer you can select any temperature between 100 and 220°C, always with an accuracy of 1°C, and it comes with an on-demand mode. This mode only heats for 30 seconds, allowing you to make better use of the raw material, as it only heats up when you are using it. However, if you prefer the oven to stay hot, it has a session mode that heats continuously for several minutes.

The X Max Pro V3 portable vaporizer allows you to select temperatures between 100 and 220 degrees Celsius and can also be used with degrees Fahrenheit, it only takes 15 seconds to be ready to start vaporizing. Thanks to this wide working range, you can vaporize a wide range of different herbs and extracts.

The X Max Pro has convection heating technology, so the heat applied to the herbs and concentrates will be through hot air. This gives a better flavour, more uniform material and more vapour compared to conduction vapes that have direct contact with the material being vaped. 

For better utilization of the raw material, the X Max Pro V3 Vaporizer features a ceramic heating chamber, improving flavours.

Vaporizer X Max Pro V3 has an automatic shut-off system. It is very easy to use and allows you to start vaporizing at the push of a button.

The battery of the X Max Pro V3 Vaporizer has a large capacity, thanks to its high quality 18650 rechargeable and removable battery that allows you to use it for a longer time between charges. Each charge provides approximately 50 minutes of use.

All XMax vaporizers are completely authentic and are backed by an official warranty as required by law on the device and a 6 month warranty on the battery.

Features of the X Max Pro V3 vaporizer

Size: 2,7 × 2,4 × 15,0 cm

Weight: 107 grams

Heating: Convection

Heating time: 15 seconds

Power source: Battery (2600 mAh)

Temperature: 100°C to 220°C

Manufacturer: XMax / XVape

Warranty: 1 year

Country of manufacture: China

X Max X Vape Pro box contents

XMax V3 Pro Vaporizer

Wax cup

USB-C cable

Cleaning brush

Alcohol cotton pads (4)

Cotton swabs (3)

Instruction manual