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The Solodiol is a feminised seed from the Elite Seeds seed bank. It is a strain that can produce plants with a high concentration of CBD, one of the most popular cannabinoids at the moment.


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Solodiol Feminized Seeds

Elite Seeds presents their CBD rich feminized seeds, the Solodiol, a strain that is one of the most popular of this seed bank for the reasons that will be presented throughout this tab. For those who don't know, Elite Seeds is a Spanish seed bank based in Valencia. From their laboratories, located at the University of Valencia, they do research on cannabis strains with novel cannabinoids or those that have not yet been studied enough. On this occasion they present Solodiol, a new CBD-rich strain.

What is Solodiol like?

Solodiol feminized seeds can produce tall plants due to its Sativa dominance. It is a strain with 80% Sativa genetics, which can reach heights of 1.4 metres indoors and almost 3 metres outdoors. The manufacturer reports a strong structure, medium internodal distance and high yields.

To obtain this strain, Elite Seeds crossed Diesel CBD with a variety from Asia, also with a high presence of CBD. Each variety that this seed bank puts on sale has a lot of research behind it, in order to achieve the best possible genetic combination. The result is a fully stabilized and tested strain.

It is also noted that this variety can have up to 9 weeks of flowering time in indoor gardens, while in outdoor gardens, and in the northern hemisphere, Solodiol can be ready to harvest 2 weeks after the end of summer. The flowers this strain can produce are elongated, medium dense and very aromatic.

Solodiol production

The yield of Solodiol CBD seeds is medium. From Elite Seeds do not give specific production data, but you can estimate average yields due to its mainly Sativa genetics. 

Common effects

One of the most outstanding features of Solodiol is the ability to produce great amounts of CBD. This strain has registered up to 18% CBD in lab tests, one of the most memorable marks achieved by this seed bank. On the other hand, this variety has no psychoactive effects, having less than 1% THC. 

Organoleptic properties

Solodiol CBD feminized seeds are described as having sweet organoleptic properties. It is a variety with distinguished aromas that can be reminiscent of fruity fragrances, pronounced and with character.

Characteristics of Solodiol CBD

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: Indica 20% and Sativa 80%.

Genetics: Not declared

Cannabinoids: 18% CBD and <1% THC

Height: Not declared

Flowering: 8-9 weeks indoors, harvest in October in the Northern Hemisphere

Yield: High

Planting: Spring or all year round with artificial light