Lumatek is one of the best manufacturers of luminaires for indoor growing and surprises its users by presenting the new Lumatek Digital Pro 1000W DE lighting kit, consisting of 1000W bulbs and electronic ballast.

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Lumatek Digital Pro HPS 1000W DE

When it comes to choosing a lighting system for growing, there are many growers who hesitate between the best option that suits them. With the Lumatek Digital Pro 1000W DE lighting kit, you only need to be clear about the power required for cultivation, in this case 1000W, designed for large indoor crops.

This kit consists of 1000W and 400V HPS bulbs and ballast. First of all, the HPS lamp uses the high-performance high-ceramic tube technology, which has a special gas combination that, when interacting with the ceramic tube, produces light with the most suitable spectrum for plant growth.

In addition, the lamp that can be found in the Lumatek Digital Pro 1000W kit is a double socket, which also ensures better performance than those lamps that only have one socket. This type of dual output lamp allows for a 10% increase in lighting intensity, as well as PR / PPF output.

This type of lamp, by allowing increased light intensity, also allows the lamp to be placed a little further away from the plants, which ultimately increases the light footprint of the lamp and allows its use in medium and large sized crops for growers who demand high performance and are looking for XXL results.

In addition to this, the Lumatek Digital Pro 1000W pack lamp allows working with high temperatures and this increases the colour rendering, output and final efficiency of the device. In addition, this lamp has the durability ensured by the combination of highly efficient horticultural gases that resist the interaction of these gases with the tube inside the lamp.

Users of the Lumatek Digital Pro 1000W pack will be satisfied with the final result obtained in the harvests. The lamp included in the pack improves colour consistency and PAR / PPF maintenance. Finally, the lamp's start-up technology allows for a much faster start-up than other lamps in the segment.

The ballast is the other product included in the Lumatek Digital Pro 1000W 400V pack. This is the Lumatek Pro electronic ballast, which has been developed specifically to work with the lamp included in the pack. Together, the two tools will deliver premium results whatever plant is grown with them.

Ballasts are especially essential for grow models that use high wattage lamps such as those included in the Lumatek Digital Pro 1000W DE pack. Why? Ballasts ensure the safety of the crop by controlling the power going into the lamp and when dealing with 1000W wattages it is even more important to have a power control device.

The kit includes: 

Lumatek HPS 1000W 400V Bulb

Lumatek Pro Controllable Ballast 1000w 400v

Lumatek Reflector

Lumatek Control Link Cable