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You can now get the new Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W grow lighting kit, one of the packs for grow lighting with the best features and consisting of HPS lamp and ballast.

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Lumatek Ultimate Pro HPS 600W kit for growing

It is no news that lighting is one of the most important aspects in the interior of an indoor crop of plants and Lumatek is one of the manufacturers of reference in this aspect. This British manufacturer presents a pack consisting of a Lumatek 600W 400V HPS bulb and an efficient, high-performance Lumatek Ultimate Pro ballast.

This kit is designed for growers who demand high performance. It is a pack with which the grower will have all the most important elements of the lighting system of a crop, except for the reflective material, which serves to redistribute the light that falls on the plants.

The Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W pack makes life easier for growers, who no longer have to look for compatibility between items. Thus, with the purchase of this pack, one is assured of having fully compatible elements. Not only that, but these products have been designed and manufactured in the UK with the aim of working together.

HPS technology is one of the most widely used in indoor growing and the bulb in the Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W pack uses this technology for its operation. This type of lighting, also known as high-pressure sodium, can produce light by emitting a pulse of high-pressure energy through a pressurised quartz tube inside which there is vaporised sodium, as well as other elements such as mercury.

The ballast is also included in the Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W grow kit. It is one of the best ballasts on the market that can automatically detect the lamp connected to supply light. The ballast is not a secondary issue in the lighting system inside the grow room.

The ballast is responsible for controlling the power going into the bulb and this is a fundamental task, as it prevents overheating or short circuits from occurring. The use ofHPS bulbs requires the use of a quality ballast, such as the one included in the Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W kit, a pack designed for growers of medium-sized crops.

Both the bulb and the ballast of the Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W kit have a voltage of 400V, which is higher than the 240V that other bulbs and ballasts in this segment usually have. They have higher efficiency and higher PAR spectrum output. This stands for photosynthetic active radiation and refers to the part of the light spectrum that plants use to carry out the process of photosynthesis.

The Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W package includes:

  • Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W 400V
  • Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W ballast
  • Lumatek HPS 600W 400V bulb

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