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Storz & Bickel reinvents the most famous tabletop vaporizer of all time, the Volcano Hybrid is now available. A vaporizer that can be used with a bag or by suctioning directly from the bag.

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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The latest in premium vaporizers is the Volcano Hybrid. This is the newest vaporizer from the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel, the most prestigious brand on the market. This is the perfect vaporizer for those who are looking for the best option to enjoy their herbal vapes. 

The Volcano Hybrid is built in Germany with the highest quality materials possible, it offers a pleasant experience, full of natural flavours and free of unwanted aromas. Some of the most advanced heating technology on the market has been used in its construction, such as hybrid technology that incorporates the use of conduction heating and convection heating

The Volcano Hybrid is the fastest vaporizer on the market, as it can reach the optimal vaporizing temperature in just 4 seconds, considerably reducing heating time.

The appearance of the Volcano Hybrid is impressive, right open the box its metal structure shows the sign of a high performance vaporizer, designed for those who are looking for a durable product with all the quality guarantees. This device features a digital display with a control panel that informs you of the vaporizing temperature at all times. It also incorporates touch technology to ease the vaporizing process. 

When it comes to providing the right puff for the user, the Volcano Hybrid stands out from other competitors. As like the entire Volcano line of vaporisers, this new vaporiser delivers a dense, high quality vapour that allows to enjoy herbs to the fullest, without the risk of contaminating particles to detract from their flavour. You can inhale the vapour through the traditional Volcano Easy Valve bags, but you can also use the included mouthpiece to draw all the vapour directly from the Volcano Hybrid.

As if all this wasn't enough, the Volcano Hybrid is equipped with an iOS and Android compatible app that allows to monitor the vaping temperature of each session. In addition to this, it is also possible to modify all the settings available on the Volcano Hybrid through the same app. Elements such as pumping or temperature control are easily adjustable from the mobile screen.

All vaporisers marketed by Storz & Bickel come with a 3-year warranty and are backed by the highest quality standards in the industry.

Volcano Hybrid contents

1 pc. VOLCANO HYBRID Hot Air Generator Vaporizer

1 pc. Power cable

3 pcs. EASY VALVE Balloon with Nozzle

1 pc. EASY VALVE Balloon with Adapter

1 pc. Hose unit

1 pc. Filling Chamber (including: 1 pc. Lid Ring, 1 pc. Standard Screen Set (approx. Ø 30 mm), 1 pc. Drop Pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm), 1 pc. Cleaning Brush)

1 pc. Air Filter Set

1 pc. Herb Grinder (approx. Ø 55 mm)

1 pc. Instructions for use

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Specifications

Size: 20,0 x 20,0 x 18,0 cm

Weight: 1800 gr

Heating: Hybrid (Convection+Conduction)

Heating time: 40 seconds

Power source: Mains

Temperature: 40°C to 230°C

Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel

Warranty: 3 years

Country of manufacture: Germany