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The VacuMax bags are the indispensable element for the perfect preservation of dried flowers, herbs, tobacco or food for much time longer than traditional preservation methods. This bags must be used with the Vacumax vacuum sealer to preserve your products up to 5 times longer.

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VacuMax Bags

The correct conservation is fundamental to keep all the natural properties intact, especially the organoleptic ones. The VacuMax vacuum sealer is the system that allows you to keep your perishables for much longer time, it consists of the sealing machine and the VacuMax bags, both of which are essential for conservation purposes. This is a revolutionary method of conservation that eases keep all the herbs' properties without loss of quality.

Vacumax bags are necessary to work with the Vacumax vacuum sealer, so one product cannot be understood without the other. This type of bag, apart from keeping the properties of flowers and resins intact, also allows them to be carried around more comfortably. By eliminating the air inside, the product becomes compact and takes up much less space. Not to mention the release of odours, which will be completely neutralized in these airtight bags.

The safety of the preserved products will be full, thanks to the ziplock system included in these bags. In this way, it will be impossible to access the inside of the bags without opening the zip beforehand. Furthermore, the VacuMax bags incorporate an air chamber that will be responsible for letting all the air extracted by the sealer pass through and that all the contents present inside the bag will be totally vacuumed.

Also, those who are concerned about the environment will be able to use these bags over time. The VacuMax airtight bags can be reused up to 50 times, so there is no need to throw them away after the first use. Both the sealer and the bags are made to last over time.

The system operation is very simple. You simply have to fill the airtight bag without going over the filling line. Once filled, you will have to insert the front of the hoover into the air chamber, and press the power button. We will simply have to extract as much air as possible from the bag, helping with our hands if necessary. 

The airtight bags for the VacuMax sealer are available in 2 sizes and are sold by the unit. You can select the capacity that best suits for your needs.

In short, the VacuMax sealing system, consisting of the bags and the vacuum sealer, is the best way to give a new meaning to the preservation process. It reduces space, odours and extends the life of dried flowers and resins by up to 5 times longer than traditional systems that do not incorporate vacuum sealing technology.

VacuMax bags Available sizes

3 litres: 26 x 28 cm

4 litres: 26 x 34 cm