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The Vaporite Mini vaporizer is perfect for those who want to get started in the world of vapour without spending a lot of money. Economical, reliable, with digital display and temperature control.

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Vaporite Mini Vaporizer

The Vaporite Mini vaporizer is an inexpensive, easy to use vaporizer, allowing anyone to enter the world of vaporizing and leave the smoke behind. It is a best-selling vaporizer because of its easy operation and precision.

This vaporizer comes with a glass mouth, to which a small tube is attached, to make it as comfortable to use as possible. It offers precise temperature control, digital display and a metal body for strength and durability.

The Vaporite Mini is made of heavy-duty steel for durability.  The temperature is displayed on a digital display and can be easily adjusted. Once it reaches the desired temperature, the fan turns on automatically and turns off again when the temperature drops.

Comes with a free grinder, ready to grind herbs before pouring them into the vaporizer. It also includes an aroma bulb for use with essential oils and concentrates for aromatherapy.

The Vaporite Mini vaporizer is the ideal choice for those looking for an affordable, reliable, durable vaporizer with all the basics to go from smoke to vapour.

IMPORTANT: On the first day, before vaporizing with the Vaporite Mini, it is recommended to run it at maximum temperature for about 3 minutes to burn off any factory residue. Afterwards, let it cool down and once it is cool, your new vaporizer is ready to vaporize.

Features of the Vaporite Mini

1 Air Freshener / Vaporizer Unit

1 Tube

2 Cleaning Stick

1 Cord

1 Replacement Filter Pack