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The Vapium Lite vaporizer is a modern herbal vaporizer that offers all the features of a high-end vaporizer but at a very competitive price. Autonomy, steam quality and design at an unbeatable price.


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Vaporizer for marijuana Vapium Lite

The Vapium Lite marijuana vaporizer is a modern vaporizer with a very attractive and modern design, built with a good quality but with an unbeatable price. Made with a plastic outer casing and coated with anodized aluminum, has the look and feel of a premium vaporizer but at a much lower price.

Vapium Lite is a compact vaporizer and very easy to transport. It weighs just 88 grams and its dimensions are 10 x 2.2 x 3.6cm, so it is very discreet. It is a vaporizer that has 8 predetermined temperatures ranging from 172 to 228 degrees. With just a touch of a button, it raises the vaporized temperature by 8 degrees. Another of the most remarkable features of this vaporizer is the speed of heating, since in just 30 seconds is ready to be used.

The Vapium Lite vaporizer has a battery with a good capacity (1100mA) that would be enough to offer between 10 and 15 uses of the vaporizer, depending on the temperature you choose. To recharge your battery use a USB type C cable.

In addition to these features, Vapium Lite features a dirt filter for a purer smoke, which can be removed for cleaning and replacement if necessary and an adapter to replace the nozzle with a bong or bubbler so the smoke gets even cooler.

Characteristics of the Vapium Lite

  • 8 steaming temperatures, between 172 and 228 degrees
  • 1100mA battery
  • Compact size: 10 x 2.2 x 3.6cm
  • Heating time: about 30 seconds
  • USB Type C Connectivity
  • Autonomy: between 10 and 15 uses
 Autonomy, steam quality and design at an unbeatable price.

 Autonomy, steam quality and design at an unbeatable price.