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Sorbet #4 feminized marijuana seeds from DNA Genetics stands out for its special taste, large amount of excellent quality resin and a slightly strong effect.


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Sorbet #4 Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Released by the renowned DNA Genetics seedbank, feminized Sorbet #4 strain is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Sorbet, resulting in a balanced hybrid with slight Indica dominance. This is one of DNA Genetics team favorite varieties.

How is Sorbet #4 like?

Sorbet #4 plants are very easy to grow and have a medium size. The growth is very fast and soon large side branches start to stand out from the central trunk.

In order to obtain mature flowers from it, growers have to wait for a flowering period of about 9 weeks. When grown outdoors, the plants are harvested 5-15 days after the end of the summer. After that period the buds look stunning with loaded with frosted resin, the one is highly appreciated for extraction.

How much yield does Sorbet #4 produce?

Sorbet #4 production is high, specifically it can reach 500gr/m2 indoors, while outdoors with sunlight the yield can be close to one kilogram per specimen.

What effect does Sorbet #4 produce?

Sorbet #4 marijuana effect is powerful, but not too much, heavy users may perceive it as medium strength. The journey begins lucidly and imaginatively to progressively turn into physical relaxation.

How is it Sorbet #4 taste like?

Sorbet #4 taste is complex, you can find petroleum citrus wrapped in a  fruity halo of doughy and intense sweetness.

Characteristics of Sorbet #4 Marijuana:

  • Feminizada
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Genotype: Feminized hybrid
  • Genetics: GG#4 x Sorbet
  • Cannabinoids: medium THC, low CBD, undeclared values
  • Indoor yield: High
  • Outdoor yield: High
  • Full cycle: 9 weeks indoors, 1-2 weeks after the end of summer outdoors
  • Height: Average