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Auto Chocolate Cream marijuana seeds are one of the latest novelties coming to Experiencia Natural from the 00 Seeds bank. With an economic price, this strain offers all the hashish and earth flavor of its feminized sister in just 75 days.


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00 Auto Chocolate Cream Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The autoflowering marijuana seeds Auto Chocolate Cream from 00 Seeds are one of the last strains that entered the catalog of this bank already recognized for its excellent strains at a very affordable price. To obtain this strain, 00 Seeds has crossed the Chocolate Cream with a Ruderalis (which gives the ability to autoflowering).

The result is a strain that offers the delicious earthy taste and high resin production of its feminized sister in just 75 days.

What is the structure of Auto Chocolate Cream?

Auto Chocolate Cream is a medium sized strain that can reach 80cm indoors or 120cm outdoors. Its shrub shape and vigorous growth result in a leafy plant. At the end of flowering presents an interesting production of flowers that stand out, above all, by the amount of resin that covers them. For this reason it is an ideal strain for resin extractions.

How much does Auto Chocolate Cream produce?

The production of Auto Chocolate Cream is average and, indoors, can reach 500 grams per square meter under a lamp with 600w of power. When grown outdoors, in sunlight, this strain can reach 120 grams per plant.

What effect does Auto Chocolate Cream produce?

The effect of Auto Chocolate Cream is relaxing and balanced, affecting both body and mind. With a THC level that can reach 17% its potency could be described as medium, so it is a strain that can be used at any time but offers better results at night.

What aroma does Auto Chocolate Cream have?

The flavor and aroma of Auto Chocolate Cream remains in the same line as that of its feminized sister and it highlights the flavors of moist earth and hashish, so it is a strain highly recommended for chocolatiers.

How is Auto Chocolate Cream grown?

Auto Chocolate Cream gives rise to plants that are easy to care for and that adapt perfectly to the different characteristics of the climate and the environment.

The flowering of this strain is completed in about 75 days from germination, both indoors and outdoors.

Characteristics of the marijuana Auto Chocolate Cream

  • Interior and exterior
  • Autoflowering Feminized
  • Genotype: Autoflowering Índica
  • Genetics: Chocolate Cream x Ruderalis
  • Cannabinoids: 17% THC; CBD 0.2%.
  • Height: Indoors 70-80 cm; Outdoors 100-120 cm
  • Recollection: between 70 and 75 days from planting
  • Yield: Up to 500 g/m2 outdoors up to 120 grams per plant.
  • Planting: Spring and summer or all year round with artificial light.