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Ripper Seeds' Old School feminized marijuana seeds come to offer the nuances and flavors of the old school. With a potent effect and delicious resin, this strain has several awards in the categories of extractions.


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Feminized Old School Marijuana Seeds

Old School feminized marijuana seeds are a tribute to the old school strains created by Ripper Seeds. For this strain, the breeders of Ripper Seeds have chosen two well known strains and with a lot of experience in this world, such as the original UK Cheese and Black Domina.

The result is a strain with high power, good production and an amazing production of resin of the highest quality.

What is the structure of Old School?

Old School is a medium sized strain with a strong Indica component (80%) in its genetics. Even so, it is a strain that, during the first weeks, grows fast and strong, very vigorous and with a high distance between branches. For this reason Ripper Seeds recommends not to over-feed and to keep the light at a prudent distance during this period.

At the end of flowering is a strains that has very thick and compact flowers, heavily loaded with resin, making it an ideal strain for lovers of extractions

How much does Old School produce?

The performance of Old School is high but the bank does not specify more about the values it offers. In any case, Skunk's genetic inheritance makes it possible to guarantee that it is a strain that will offer excellent results, both in quantity and quality of flowers.

What effect does Old School produce?

The effect of Old School is powerful and very relaxing, so it can be said that it is an old school strain even in this characteristic. It is ideal for use at night, on the sofa, after a long day.

What does Old School taste like?

Old School has a very intense taste and aroma, mainly fruity and sweet. In addition to these nuances is a strain that offers touches of incense, floral and humid earth.

How is Old School grown?

The Old School strain is easy to grow, with good results in different media and growing conditions.

Its flowering will take about 65 days indoors while outdoors it will be ready to harvest about two weeks after the end of summer.

This strain won several cups, among which are the first prize in the Bio Canabis Champions Cup 2014, the second prize of concentrates in the Copa Catalunya Grows 2017 and the first prize of Flower Rosin in the Masters of Rosin 2018.

Characteristics of Old School Marijuana

  • Interior and exterior
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: 80% Indica Hybrid
  • Genetics: UK Cheese x Black Domina
  • Cannabinoids: THC and CBD not declared
  • Height: Medium
  • Flowering: 60-65 days (indoors) or about two weeks after the end of summer
  • Production: High, undeclared values
  • Plantation: Spring or all the year with artificial light.