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This is the 400W cheap growkit is perfect for getting started in indoor growing, this cheap kit includes 400W class I electromagnetic ballast ready to plug in, 400W growing lamp and reflector screen to choose from.

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Cheap 400W Grow Kit

Sale of the cheap 400W grow kit for indoor cultivation at the best price, this equipment is perfect to start in the practice of growing at home. All materials are from well-known brands in the sector and it's delivered ready to plug in and work.

This cheap grow kit has 400W of power, fueled by an electromagnetic class I ballast, a robust and durable device, well known by many growers.

You can select the rest of the elements that make up this cheap 400W grow kit, the 400W cultivation lamp between the best priced Xtrasun, or others such as Agrolite, Sylvania and Philips.

You can also select the reflector, by default this cheap 400W grow kit comes with a polished metal type, you can also choose a stucco at no cost, or a Wings or a Cooltube.

The 400W cheap grow kit is delivered as assembled as possible, however due to transport limitations it is sometimes necessary to make some connection when receiving it, as long as it has to be done in a very simple way and no tools will be needed.

You can choose the components of this 400W cheap grow kit in the deployables, in total with this kit you take the following products to cultivate marijuana.

Products included in the 400W cheap grow kit

  • Reflector
  • 400W ETI ballast
  • 400W lamp
  • Ready to plug in
  • 2 metre cable and plug

Reflector characteristics

Cooltube: Diameter: 125 mm. Total length: 47,6 cm. Length of the cap until the end of the screen: 40 cm. Width: 38,5 cm. Height: 12 cm. E40 cap included.

Wings: Length 50cm. Width 50cm. Height 10cm. E40 cap included.

Mirror: Length 47cm. Width 40cm. Height 12cm. E40 cap included.

Stucco: Length 47cm. Width 40cm. Height 12cm. E40 cap included.

lamps characteristics

To learn more about the lamps included in this 400W Cheap Grow Kit click on the following links: Xtrasun, Agrolite, Sylvania y Philips.