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Blue Critical Auto is an automatic indica dominant Marijuana strain harboring blue family genetics giving vigorous plants with a short flowering time. Blue Critical Auto has a very attractive flavor comprising different tones.


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Blue Critical Auto Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Blue Critical Auto is an automatic indica dominant Marijuana strain that was obtained after a great hybridization process and created by crossing Critical + Auto and Blueberry Auto. All this work has resulted in some hybrid, autoflowering and very balanced plants with great hybrid vigor and average size.

Blue Critical Auto retains the best characteristics of its famous ancestors, replicating quickly the nobility of their genetic, a wonder for all senses.

The plant is able to reach moderate heights growing vigorously and having a very short flowering time. It releases a very appetizing and appealing aroma thus being recommendable the use of anti-odor filters. The taste is a mixture between berries, lemon and pine.

As a good daughter of the bluish family, Blue Critical Auto acquires that characteristic blue color when subjected under low temperatures (bellow 10ºC) during the flowering phase.

This strain has a full cycle of 70 to 80 days and should be grown from April to October in the northern hemisphere or at any time on indoors. In a growing room and with optimal growing conditions, the yield of Blue Critical Auto is up to 500g per square meter. In the outside, the yields can reach 170g per plant.

For a correct development we recommend to add 30% of coconut fiber to the soil, thus ensuring an extra supply of oxygen to the roots and a better metabolization of nutrients during cultivation. It is quite sensitive to over-waterings but tolerates fairly well the use of fertilizers.

Key features of Blue Critical Auto Marijuana:

It can be grown in indoors and in outdoors

Genotype 100% Autoflowering with Indica dominance

THC: High CBD: Undeclared

Genetics: Auto Critical + x Blueberry Auto

Full Cycle: 70 - 80 days

Planting: April to October

Medium size: 75-150 cm

Domestic Production: 450 - 500 g/m2 Outdoor: 50-170 g/plant