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Amnesia XXL Auto come direclty from the original Amnesia. This high yielder specimen is easy to grow and stands out for its potent cerebral high and complex aroma.


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Amnesia XXL Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

For Sativa lovers, Dinafem has decided to launch an excellent and highly productive automatic strain called Amnesia XXL Autoflowering.

This strain has retained the best qualities of Amnesia that in 1994 surprised the Dutch Marijuana market. Amnesia XXL Auto was created by crossing the Original Amnesia with the Original Amnesia Autoflowering, and after several trials they managed to get a stable strain that provides faster outcomes and higher performances.

Amnesia XXL Auto surprises by its size and height ranging from 75 and 170 cm. This is a highly stylized plant with an average internodal distance, large and thin leaves and with a typical sativa look.

This plant is very easy to grow, both indoors and outdoors and has the great advantage of being resistant to mold and pests. Nometheless, and in order to improve its productivity we recommend to use a type of soil with 30% of coconut substrate. With it, the roots will be more oxygenated thus improving the plant development. Amnesia XXL Autoflowering also tolerates small amounts of fertilizers what in fact help to improve its taste and aroma.

The crop is harvested very fast, between 75 to 90 days. This will result in a generous amount of elongated, compact buds covered with a layer of thick and sticky resin. Indoor yield can reach 500 grams per square meter and between 60 170 grams by plant in the outside.

As for the flavor and aroma, Amnesia XXL Auto is presented as a very complex strain. With a woody, pine and incensed basis, some acidic and lemony Indica notes appear along with the characteristic aroma of Haze.

After smoking it, this Marijuana strain provides an powerful, cerebral and long-lasting high due in part by its high THC level. Despite being indicated for social events and moments with friends, we recommend to consume it with caution, especially for first-timers.

Features of Amnesia XXL Auto Marijuana:

Feminized Auto


Genotype: not stated, but is known to have a sativa dominance

THC: not declared, but known to be high

CBD: not declared

Genetics: Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia Auto

Bloom: 75 to 90 days

Crop: April to October