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Auto Somango is an automatic Marijuana strain that stands out for its high productivity and slightly narcotic and euphoric high, combined with an unmistakable perfume of tropical fruits.


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Auto Somango Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Advanced Seeds has launched an automatic version of the well-known Somango. Auto Somango is the result of crossing many different strains, harboring both Indica, sativa and ruderalis lineages. Particularly, this new Marijuana strain has contributions from the mythical Jack Herer and the Big Skunk Ruderalis over some unknown strain that gives its automatic characteristic.

Auto Somango is very versatile and offers great outcomes both for indoor and outdoor cultivations. Since the plants do not usually exceed a meter high (measuring around 60-90cm) you don not need to have a very large space to cultivate them. In the garden however, these plants can reach heights ranging from 90 and 120 cm.

Auto Somango has a flowering time of just 60 days on indoors. If grown in the outside, cultivate them from April to November (for the northern hemisphere). This Marijuana strain will offer you very generous yields ranging from 350 to 400 grams per square meter in a growing room which makes it to stand out from other automatic varieties available on the market.

At the end of the flowering period, the buds of Auto Somango will reach a good size and develop not only in the main stem but also around the several lateral branches.

Auto Somango harbors a THC concentration of 15% and provides a slightly narcotic and pleasant effect being cerebral and euphoric and ideal for daytime use or for social situations.

Besides its effect, Auto Somango also stands out for its distinctive scent and taste, which, as its name suggests, has strong hints of mango and other tropical fruits. Tasters will find this strain of Marijuana a delight for the palate, a not too usual quality in automatic weeds.

Features of Auto Somango Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • indoor/outdoor
  • Genotype: Autoflowering hybrid
  • THC: 15% - CBD: not stated
  • Genetics: Somango x unknown strain of Ruderalis
  • Ciclo completo: 60 days
  • Crop: April to November
  • Yield: 350/400g/m2